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Traditional Gulf Architecture Week: An exhibition and conference at the Qatar National Library

In April 2018 Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay, Dr Giamila Quattrone and Dr Haitham Al-Abri, ArCHIAM Director, Project Coordinator and Honorary Member respectively, took part in the Traditional Gulf Architecture Week, an exhibition and conference programme organised by the Qatar National Library in collaboration with Liverpool University’s School of Architecture, Qatar University’s Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Jaidah, CEO and Chief Architect, Arab Engineering Bureau, Qatar, funded by the QNL with support from the Qatar National Research Fund (video on the left).

World expert panelists from both academia and practice convened to present and discuss the architectural heritage of Qatar and the Gulf. The ArCHIAM delegation delivered talks on “Qatar, the Gulf and the Exchange of Religious Architectural Traditions” (Prof Bandyopadhyay, video in the middle), “The Traditional Liwan-Type House of the Sinaw Oasis, Oman” (Dr Quattrone, video on the right) and “Between Trade and Tribalism: Oman’s Distinctive History of Traditional Settlements and Architecture” (Dr Al-Abri).


Qatar National Library
Doha, Qatar
22-25 April 2018

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