Decoration and Construction of Omani Traditional Architecture

Quattrone, G., Ferrarotto, S., Larosa, P. & Alsalloum, A. (eds.), 2019. Decoration and Construction of Omani Traditional Architecture. University of Liverpool.


This booklet was designed to support an educational workshop for school children between 7 and 11 years old, which took place at the National Museum of Oman Learning Centre on 3rd July, 2019. They are bilingual (English and Arabic) and feature research content as well as annotated architectural diagrams that graphically illustrate construction systems and work sequences.

The booklet is about decoration and construction of Omani traditional architecture. Creative hands-on activities and fun quizzes enhance children’s knowledge of Oman’s history and cultural heritage. Children “learn by doing” about typical building materials and techniques, architectural styles and decoration patterns of Omani architecture across different regions.

Author(s) Giamila Quattrone
Sara Ferrarotto
Pasquale Larosa
Ataa Alsalloum
Country United Kingdom
Language English/Arabic
Subject Cultural Heritage
Area covered Oman
Date 2019
Type Booklets
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