Tempering Architecture: Design Thinking in a Globalised Culture

Bandyopadhyay, S., 2008. Tempering Architecture: Design Thinking in a Globalised Culture. Abacus.


Today architectural thinking and pedagogy stands at a critical crossroad as it attempts to grapple with globalisation and concomitant complexity. The new era has raised fundamental questions regarding our allegiance to traditional belief structures and assumptions and highlighted ethical dilemmas in embracing new ones. This paper attempts to sketch out, within its narrow confines, the trajectory described by Western (primary British) academic architectural thinking over the past two decades. It intends to highlight underlying problems, especially with regard to the overrated role of technology in architecture and the general failure of West in dealing with embracing other philosophical, cultural and social traditions beyond a level of superficial engagement. Some of the points made are illustrated through student projects at the  Liverpool School of Architecture.

Author(s) Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
Country India
Language English
Subject UK
Area covered Architectural Pedagogy
Journal ABACUS
Publication date 2008
Type Journal Paper
Pages 26-34
ISBN 0973 8339