ArCHIAM presented the SPUR (Scholarship Projects For Undergraduate Researchers) scheme to second year architecture students at Nottingham Trent University.

The scheme, which the ArCHIAM team has been awarded for the second consective time, will allow one student to join the Centre over a ten week period in the summer to work on project “Reactivating Omani built heritage: visions for a sustainable future”. The proposed activity sits crosswise between two research projects concurrently being carried out within ArCHIAM, with the aim of addressing relevant cross-disciplinary connections.

The first project, funded by Ministry of Heritage and Culture of Oman, focuses on the documentation, analysis and management plan production for the oasis towns of Sinaw, Mudhaireb and Al-Gila WHS. The second project is a contribution to PRIN 2013-2016 ‘RE-CYCLE Italy. New Life Cycles for Architecture and Infrastructure of City and Landscape’, an Italian government-funded scheme in which Dr Quattrone and Prof Bandyopadhyay act as foreign associated partners.

The student will generate computerised architectural drawings, visuals and models and will conduct relevant precedent study.