Matrixes of tradition in the work of Renzo Piano

Quattrone, G., Nava, C., 2008. Matrixes of tradition in the work of Renzo Piano. In: N. AlSayyad ed., Interrogating Tradition. Epistemologies, Fundamentalisms, Regeneration, Practices. Special issue of “Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review”, Volume XX, Number I, Fall 2008, Twentieth Anniversary Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, Oxford 12-15 December 2008, p.81, ISSN 1050-2092


This paper identifies three research tracks on the issue of tradition and its cultural matrixes, seen in their connection with design practices and in their relation with form, archetype and workmanlike construction. An “explorative” approach is adopted by interpreting some key issues on architectural regionalism and energy-environmental design. Six designs by Renzo Piano are used as exemplary case studies of different possible interpretations of sustainable design, of which an original reading is offered. The issues dealt with have been investigated through teaching and research activities and through reports on building visits, lectures, conferences and investigation of original bibliographic references.


  • Renzo Piano
  • Interrogating tradition
  • Environmental Regionalism
  • Technological Regionalism
  • Typomorphological Regionalism
Author(s) Giamila Quattrone
Consuelo Nava
Country UK
Language English
Subject Architectural Regionalism
Area covered
Publisher IASTE
Publication date 2008
Type Conference Proceedings
Pages 81
ISBN 1050-2092