Documentation and Heritage Management Plan
Harat al-Hujra, Fanja Oasis

Located atop a rocky plateau on the banks of the Wadi Fanja, the settlement of Harat al-Hujra is a prime example of the originality with which Oman’s hinterland communities used the landscape for protection and agriculture. The small village, comprised of only about 30 dwellings, is also the main site for the famous al-Azwah festival which take place around the time of Eid and sees the congregation of the oasis’ inhabitants to celebrate by dancing and singing late into the night.


Completed (2013)


Documentation and Heritage Management


23°27’29.47″ N
58°06’06.06″ E
Dakhiliya, Oman


Ministry of Heritage and Culture,
Sultanate of Oman

About the project

The vistas of Fanja’s palm groves, still in excellent condition due to the copious amounts of water provided by the thermal waters of the Falaj al-Hammam, provide al-Hujra with an excellent view of a beautiful oasis located only about 20 minutes’ drive from Muscat.
This Heritage Management Plan, based on exhaustive documentation of the architectural heritage of Harat al-Hujra, aims at providing a sensitive yet holistic approach to the preservation of Fanja’s ancient architectural and intangible heritage. The aim is to preserve local traditions and ways of life while, at the same times, showcasing the extraordinary beauty of Oman’s oases.

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Key people

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    Prof Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

    Principal Investigator

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    Dr Giamila Quattrone

    Research Fellow

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    Dr Martin Goffriller

    Research Fellow

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    Dr Mohammad Habib Reza

    Research Fellow

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    Dr Haitham Al-Abri

    PhD student

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    Christina Pieri

    PhD Student

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    Charles Adams

    SPUR Student

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