Documentation and Heritage Management Plan
Harat al-Gila, Wadi Shaab

The site of al-Gilā, included into the UNESCO ‘Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman’ WHS, lies deep within the Sharqiya Mountains in a difficult to reach area, located at the headwaters of the Wādi Shaab.


Completed (2014)


Documentation and Heritage Management


22°47’31.67″ N
59°07’20.77″ E
Al-Gila, Oman


Ministry of Heritage and Culture,
Sultanate of Oman

About the project

This Documentation and Heritage Management Plan is concerned with the diminutive and difficult to reach mountain settlement of Harat al-Gila and its environs.The fieldwork documentation was carried out on site in Autumn 2013. The Master Plan is informed by extensive documentation, analysis and interpretation of the urban structure, morphology, building typology and social conditions of the present and the immediate past.
Given the small settlement size and also its extremely important regional context, it was decided to have a wider focus to this document beyond the built characteristics of the hārah. The scope in therefore widened to include the surrounding wādi systems (Shaab and Tiwi) as well as the Shir Plateau and its numerous archaeological sites. The aim is to emphasise the need for studying natural settings and human habitation systems together at regional scale.

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Key people

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    Prof Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

    Principal Investigator

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    Dr Giamila Quattrone

    Research Fellow

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    Dr Martin Goffriller

    Research Fellow

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    Haitham Al-Abri

    PhD student

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    Paul MacMahon

    Research Assistant

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    Jonathan Wren

    Research Assistant

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    Smaranda Ghinita

    Fieldwork Assistant

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